360 Main St N, Watford City, North Dakota 58854

Sensei Tim Hartranft , Martial Arts Instructor

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Sensei Tim Hartranft

Sensei Tim  has won  MANY  first  place Karate trophies, as he has competed ( and continues to compete) in many Martial Arts tournaments over the years. He has also competed in MMA events, as well as Jiu Jitsu tournaments, Boxing  and Wrestling events.

While Sensei Tim is a competitive person, he is also a very humble person and would rather brag about his students than himself. 
He has produced numorous winning fighters in the MMA ring, as well as numorous Grand Champions in multiple Karate tournaments. He has taught students to bring home medals in Jiu Jitsu Tournaments.

Sensei Tim continues to train and holds rank in

 Shu Do Kan Karte - 4th degree Blackbelt under Sensei Valdovios

Brazillian Jiu Jitsu- 2nd degree purple belt under Master Carlos Machado

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